Our Purpose

New Generations
We chose words that are common and easily understandable regardless of a person’s duration with faith. LifeBridge’s Purpose is: To Connect New Generations to Jesus’ Love, Path, and Mission. This draws us to emphasize ministries that reach out to children, youth, and their parents. We find that emphasizing ministry to “New Generations” increases the value that those around retirement age and beyond have within the church. We also see “New Generations” as a call to always remain relevant to the situations that people today are facing. The generations who are alive in 2015 experience life differently than 25 years ago. LifeBridge meets people where they are and connects them to Jesus.

We are a church who centers our thoughts and actions around Jesus.

Jesus’ Love – Jesus loves. It is what he does. We want to connect everyone to his Love and not just the “good behavior” that people may connect with being a Christian. We want you to know and feel his Love. It will give you comfort and joy during both hard times and mundane days.

Jesus’ PathJesus loves and his teachings are part of his love. Following Jesus, however difficult, is the best possible way to live and we want to connect you to Jesus’ Path.

Jesus’ Mission – Jesus’ Mission was about making Earth look more like Heaven. He would heal and feed; eat with the outcasts and laugh with children. Jesus would upset the status quo when the status quo was not good enough. Being part of Jesus’ Mission is the ultimate ‘something bigger’ that we desire to be a part of. Our Purpose is connect you to Jesus’ Mission which includes you connecting more people to Jesus’ Mission.