Our Leadership

We believe God calls everyone to be part of something great.  We have amazing leaders and helpers who live out part of that exciting calling at LifeBridge.   While they are a bit camera shy, we want to share their names and a bit of what they do.
Steven Blair (pastor) – Steven leads us to follow Jesus with open minds and a passion that exceeds the Icelandic National Soccer Team.  He is large-hearted and has a horrible allergy to cheesy Christianity.  It causes him to break out in nasty hives.  It’s gross.  Here he is with his wife Holly and two boys.

Jamie Turk (staff) – Director of KidsLife Ministries.  Jamie is a kid-guru with a passion for teaching.  How does she teach kids so much about God while they have fun?  It’s a secret Jamie and her team can’t tell you, but they’ll show you.
Kevin Rogers (staff) – Worship Leader.  Kevin is super skilled with the guitar but is super humble about it, so we have to brag for him.  He is kind and looks more and more like Keith Urban the longer you stare.
Catina Sauder – High School Youth Leader.  Catina’s the adult that high schoolers want to talk to. Maybe it is because she’s still part high school.   Her nickname is Cat and she is a Shakespeare with emojis.  Thought you should know.
Becky Jones – Middle School Youth Leader. So, Becky is a teacher, musician, and in the Army.  Add them up and you get an awesome Middle School Leader who can do more pushups than you.
Pam Draper and Jo Ellen Humphrey – Connections Coordinators.  They make it easy for you to connect with others and with next steps in developing your faith.  Pam’s red hair is a warning, she knows no strangers and doesn’t believe in boredom.  Jo Ellen can organize a flow chart and decorate your house with the best of them.
Brad Nielsen – Staff Parish Relations Chairperson and Movie Quoter (SPRC is a fancy name for being a liaison between church and pastor helping to support both).  Brad is one of the most cheerful, authentic people you have ever met.  You’ll be stunned when you learn he’s also a lawyer.
Carol Kraft – Sunday Mornings Coordinator.  Carol and her team make sure Sundays are awesome for you.  Has she been your friend for months?  Nope, you just met her.
Monica Jacobs – Finance Chairperson.  Monica and her team see to it that the most good can come out of what people generously give to God through LifeBridge.  She is so nice, you will wonder how she can be so good with numbers, too.
Corey Mohn – Corey helps steer the ship.   He is like Johnny Appleseed, if Johnny Appleseed planted hope and happiness where he walked instead of just apples.
There are numerous other leaders and helpers at LifeBridge.   If you want to join the mission and join the fun, email office@LifeBridgeKC.org.