Kids Life

Jesus has a special place in his heart for children…and so do we! At Kids Life, your children will be taught how to connect to Jesus’ Love, Path, and Mission. Games will be played. Stories will be told. Fun will be had by all!  Your children will love Kids Life, and you will love seeing its impact on their lives.

First Time Visiting?
A friendly greeter will help you get checked into Kids Life.  Your child will receive a sticker that they wear on their back, which corresponds to a sticker you present for safe and secure pick up after worship is over.

Nursery: 6 Weeks – 2 Years (not potty trained)




Elementary – K-1st, 2nd-3rd & 4th-5th:

Additional Resources:

The Parent CUE Blog isn’t an encyclopedia on everything parents need to know. It’s not an exhaustive training course to make sure kids “turn out”.  It’s not a counseling hotline one can call when they have a help-I-can’t-believe-my-child-just . . .- crisis. This blog is a cue. It’s a prompt. Because really, we know parents are already incredibly busy doing all the things they should do to invest in your kids and to help them on their way to adulthood—and hopefully out of the house.
But just because they are really busy doing great things doesn’t mean it’s easy to stay focused on what’s important. That’s where we come in. We want to make it easy for them to remember what’s important. Check out these great resources to help cue parents.
NO ONE HAS MORE INFLUENCE IN THE LIFE OF A KID THAN A PARENT. WHAT WILL YOU DO THIS WEEK TO CUE THEM? Parent CUE Weekly is an online subscription that helps you help parents do family better by breaking.


Do you have a 4th or 5th grader?  Do you know one?  Our 4th & 5th graders meet monthly for fun and fellowship!  Add the following dates to your calendar now. Be sure to invite a friend.

Sept 17th McDonalds 6-7 pm
Oct 15th Pizza at LifeBridge 6-7 pm
Nov 12th McDonalds 6-7 pm
Dec 10th Pizza at LifeBridge 6-7 pm
Jan 14th McDonalds 6-7 pm
Feb 11th Pizza at LifeBridge 6-7 pm
Mar 25th McDonalds 6-7 pm
Apr 15th Pizza at LifeBridge 6-7 pm
May 13th Location TBD

Send money for dinner at McDonalds (22315 W. 66th St, Shawnee, KS).  The kids usually like a little ice cream for dessert!

$5 for pizza at LifeBridge   Questions? Contact Jamie Turk at 713-502-0001 or email

Kids Life – Volunteer Schedule

Did you know every Sunday requires at least 6 to 7 volunteers in Kids Life?  Consider signing up!  It’s so much fun!!!

We are looking for a regular volunteer to help in the nursery every 4th Sunday of the month.  When was the last time you held a baby?  Also, if youth are looking for community service hours, volunteering in Kids Life qualifies!  If you are interested contact Jamie Turk at 713-502-0001 or email


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