Small Groups

Belongings are not our possessions, they are our relationships. Who belongs to us and who do we belong to? – Joseph Myers, “The Search to Belong”

Small Groups are the best environment for personal transformation. Some groups are short term groups that allow us to connect to both Jesus and others. Some groups last longer and go more in depth. Regardless of the small group, spending time with others discussing the Bible or related themes is the most powerful format for your growth. We encourage everyone to take part in at least one short term group per year while planning on joining an ongoing group at some point.

Current Groups Are Listed Below

1– Life Groups – Life Groups are an ongoing small group that will stretch from September through April.   The group meets at a host’s home and stays together even when the topic changes.    Childcare is provided by the group collectively paying for a babysitter.    RSVP by texting your name to 913-278-1114.

2.Women’s Bible Study – This group mixes women with young children and retirement age women to create great conversations.  Join us any Tuesday 9:30-11:00am  in the Country Club Café Basement
RSVP by texting your name to 913-278-1114.

3.  This is Us, Only Better  (Begins Sunday April 23) – Learn lessons from the Bible and the show ‘This is Us’ that will help you grow stronger relationships.   Sundays 8:45-9:45am at LifeBridge.  RSVP by texting your name to 913-278-1114.

Monthly Mom’s Group


Once a month. LifeBridge sponsors Mom Squad for areas mom to find support, some learning, and a lot of laughter.
Here are the dates and locations for the whole year.  Both locations are in Shawnee
Nov 1 Clear Creek Elementary
Dec 6 Riverview Elementary
January 10 Riverview Elementary
February 7 Clear Creek Elementary
March 7  Clear Creek Elementary
April 4  Clear Creek Elementary — Teaming up with Their Parents Event
May 4  Clear Creek Elementary