Current Series

Starting Sunday January 7

Living in the suburbs leaves an impression just like visiting the beach.  The environment effects our mood and our thinking.   The suburbs specialize in causing people to compete, acquire, and pretend.   Faith can help us all avoid ‘Death by Suburbs.’   Join us this January and see how to not only survive, but thrive.

January 7 – “The Perfect Lawn” AKA “Maintaining Appearances”
January 14 – “The Good Life” AKA “The Damage of Having It All”
January 21 – “Covered in Johnson County Beige”  AKA “Blending In and Missing Out”
January 28 – “Tiny Trees” AKA “Growing with Little Roots”


We would love to see you Sundays at 10am at 6601 Monticello Road in Shawnee.