Vacation Bible School


Vacation Bible School is coming!  June 25-29th from 6-8pm.  For Kids who just completed Preschool-5th Grade.
Online registration is now closed.  Don’t worry!  We will accept same day registrations at VBS!

LifeBridge does VBS a little different.  Kids will learn about Jesus in a way appropriate for their age like other Vacation Bible Schools.  Our difference is that we also make time for your kid to spend a lot of time doing their favorite things.

Science Lab.   Cooking.    Art.    Games.
Your kid will pick from four activities.   They will have one activity for the first two days and another activity for their second two days.    Each day, they will have over an hour doing their activity while being reminded of the day’s memory verse.   We have found that having larger chunks of time in an activity allows the kid to have cooler experiments, elaborate cooking, fancier art, and more exciting games.

Kids just completing Kindergarteners through 5th Grade will choose their preferred activities as part of the registration process.   Preschool kids will have a different format that is a better fit for their ages.

The kids have really enjoyed this new format and have been bringing more and more of their friends over the last two years.

Night 5 —   SPLASH PARTY!!
Night 5 will be a celebration!   On night 5, kids and parents are invited to come and be part of a Water Party outside from 6-8pm.  The kids will also sing a couple of songs for parents at 6:00pm before the splashing begins.

We’d love to have your kids be part of the fun.